Gypsy jazz (or jazz-manouche) originated in Paris as a genre almost 100 years ago. Its forebears were Ferret brothers and Django Reinhardt, a legendary guitarist-virtuoso of Gypsy origin. Imbued with improvisations, Gypsy jazz has always amazed the listeners with its perfection, rich imagery and free spirit inherent exclusively in it. Traditionally, manouche is very popular in America and Europe, which accounts for a large number of music groups working in this genre. This jazz trend is not so well developed in Russia because it requires not only high performing skills, but also the knowledge of specific features of Gypsy music and culture. The idea to set up such group in St. Petersburg appeared unexpectedly as a Gypsy soul impulse, and in 2018 a music producer Ruslan Orekhovskiy created “Svenko Jazz” with the support of talented musicians, performers of classical and modern Gypsy music. The traditional elements of manouche jazz, as well as its combination with Gypsy vocal and choreographic traditions, became the basis of the band's music.

    Gypsy jazz     swing     hot jazz     manouche    traditional     modern

    Gypsy jazz     swing     hot jazz     manouche    traditional    


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